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Sewer & Drain Services - Central Ohio

Your Local Sewer and Drain Repair Specialists

Central Ohio is a diverse region with a rich mix of urban and rural areas. The area’s history includes Native American tribes and early European settlers, giving it a fascinating blend of past and present.

Throughout Central Ohio, homes and businesses encounter various plumbing issues that require professional and reliable sewer repair and drain cleaning services. And we know what you need to keep your pipes clean!

Central Drain Service is the leading Drain Cleaning and Sewer Video Inspection company in your area. We strive to support all industrial, commercial, and residential clients when they need top-notch sewer repairs and drain cleaning services. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we know plumbing needs are different depending on your needs. We are committed to keeping your systems in excellent shape – Avoid The Mess, Call C.D.S.

We founded this business on the belief that customers are top priority.