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Video Inspection Services Near You

As sewer systems age, pipes could be offset, break, or deteriorate. We use cutting-edge closed-circuit TV (CCTV) technology to uncover potential issues before they arise.

Our video inspections also find cracks, blockages, corrosion, root intrusions, and overall pipe conditions.

Common Sewer System Problems:

Video Camera Inspection Process

Access Point Preparation: Most properties in Ohio have easy sewer access. If not, we create one by digging a small hole.

Camera Insertion: Our technician inserts the camera into the pipe. It sends a live video to a monitor for a real-time look inside.
In-Depth Examination: As the CCTV operator navigates the camera through the pipe, they spot issues like pipe breaks, obstructions (hair or grease accumulations), and more. The entire inspection is recorded for further review.
Comprehensive Evaluation: After the inspection, we review the video to provide recommendations based on our findings.

Ohio-Specific Considerations

Ohio residents experience diverse climate conditions, from cold winters to humid summers. Maintaining sewer lines is particularly vital to prevent disruptions due to temperature variations and environmental factors.
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